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RT @JeremyBWhite: BREAKING: @LondonBreed makes SF's new DA @BrookeJenkinsSF, a vocal critic of ousted @chesaboudin who left his office and joined the recall campaign."RT @NWSLosAngeles: As stated in an earlier tweet, there is the potential for an extended #SoCal heat wave, beginning next week. Here is th…"

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Twitter is adding new features to make it easier for users to watch and discover videos on its platform, the social network announced on Thursday. Twitter is adding new features to...RT @TheBeatWithAri: NBC News reporting a second batch of classified documents discovered at a Biden office. Washington Post reporter @libcasey joins MSNBC chief legal correspondent @AriMelber to discuss.RT @bradmeltzer: Gen X, I know half of you had the haircut along with me. RIP Adam Rich/Nicholas of Eight is Enough, dead at 54. 08 Jan 2023 22:24:08See new Tweets. ConversationFollow Xbox on Twitter to get the latest news, updates, and exclusive content from the world of gaming. Join the conversation with millions of Xbox fans and interact with the official Xbox account. Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer, Xbox on Twitter has something for you.We're on another (brief?) recess, apparently. That makes this pic the legislative version of the #surrendercobra. *sigh* indeed. #SB1 #SB509 #NVlegCalifornia startup Dreamstar wants to run a private night train between SF and LA ...RT @seungminkim: After a pushy + near-violent incident with foreign press, only three members of the U.S. pool made it upstairs for Biden's greeting with Modi.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.The Dome That Isn’t. Side view, which has been likened to a ‘spherical armadillo’. Not a full year after I started this blog, my day job at the time asked me to manage a huge project in Australia. The project would require planning first in Brisbane, where we did a pilot, then Sydney, where if we got telecom certification, we would ...#NVleg #SB1 special Assembly session is being gaveled in. Here we go. 34 present, 8 absent excused means there is a quorum. 14 Jun 2023 18:18:20The only meaningful difference between the two is that Dixon’s concept is squeezed into a very small lot, whereas there’s plenty of space in the Coliseum’s A lot for a ballpark to stretch out. Naturally, Dixon’s feeling a bit ripped off right about now. @newballpark looks like jrdv and coliseum city have sum explaining to do, looks ...The 2019 MLB Travel Grid is available via the following links if you’re interested: Excel. CSV (comma delimited) PDF. Ah, but there’s a change! If you look at any of the above three files you’ll notice I used each team’s nickname in the grid itself. The column headers remain the team abbreviations. This time I didn’t do an ...@rickyfdunham @linusalf @OakStadiumWatch It’s not supposed to be. It’s zoned that way. ...Man, if the A's bolt for Vegas based on one or two swing Senate or Assembly votes, just wow. 08 Jun 2023 05:48:33In today’s digital age, visual content is crucial for capturing the attention of your audience. One platform that has gained popularity among content creators is Unsplash. Social m...“@AnsonCasanares @jamesvenes @ONOMalley @CaseyPrattABC7 If you don’t care about the politics of this I understand. One side wants to give you the safe, sanitary, fan-friendly version. Another is willing to show you all the ugliness. Your choice.”“@exile72 That's because for Wrigley & Fenway historical value matters above everything else: comfort, amenities, accessibility and technology. How much should that matter? It's also interesting that technically, neither ballpark is in the downtown area (CBD). It's highly subjective.”RT @KTVU: State officials are considering releasing water from some reservoirs that are already full to make sure there's enough space to handle the rest of the rainy and snowmelt seasons.Listeners may latch onto one or two hosts because of their style, or listen to a particular station mostly because it's a team's flagship. 95.7 The Game launched with the idea that it was the A's flagship, but would give thorough coverage to all of the Bay Area's teams. Jason Barrett came in as the program director shortly after the ..."@LnStrngr Remember that the Expos move provided a playbook for future moves. Instead of a relo fee, MLB could buy the A's from Fisher and charge an expansion fee upon move. The antitrust exemption allows this."Multiple pro-HT commenters talk about how the ballpark won't hurt the Port, citing Seattle. Do you know how that happened? They made deals to benefit both sides.RT @ProFootballTalk: In two straight pre-Super Bowl press conferences, NFL Network reporter Jim Trotter asked Commissioner Roger Goodell about diversity issues in the newsroom.RT @ScottMcGrew: Saturday Night Live drops live audience Game Day: Plenty of blame to go around for A's plan to leave Oak RT @shannonrwatts: Two of the Kentucky Governor's friends were shot today at a bank in Louisville; one of them died. Five people killed in total; eight wounded. See new Tweets. Conversation I don't care that it's only 11, this game moved into #weirdbaseball territory a few innings ago. 09 Aug 2022 In this conversation. Verified account Prote

Is it even possible for engineers to get the Interstate back open — merely DAYS after a destructive fire? There are TWO overpasses that need to be rebuilt en...RT @jennifertru07: My last grandparent is officially moving to hospice care and, well, I'm a wreck. I knew it was coming but hearing it is at that point is devastating.A blog tracking the news and events related to the pursuit of a new ballpark for the Oakland Athletics. The blog covers the latest media reports, updates, and opinions on …RT @KTVU: A 14-year-old boy from Oakland said he is shaken up after he was robbed at gunpoint. Thieves stole his family's French bull dog named Bella.RT @shannonrwatts: Two of the Kentucky Governor's friends were shot today at a bank in Louisville; one of them died. Five people killed in total; eight wounded.

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FWIW, my go-to quick Filipino meal is longsilog, featuring sweet longanisa, garlic fried rice, and a sunny side-up egg. #sausage #SB1. 13 Jun 2023 18:58:46See new Tweets. Conversation

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Game Day: Plenty of blame to go around for A&# Pitchy pitchy w- nevermind. 30 Jan 2023 03:04:32 RT @keithboykin: At least 7 people are de“@exile72 That's because for Wrigley & Fenway hi RT @jonweisman: Vin Scully's home is for sale.… They were purchased in a package deal at the same time @wkdfire53 Eventually someone's going to have to respond to the comments with substance, not snark. 20 Nov 2021 I can see why the A's want to keep quiet about theThe only meaningful difference between the two is that DRT @AndreaKPIX: The proposed #HowardTerminal ballpark wo On April 25, 2022, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, struck a tentative deal, purchasing Twitter for $44 billion. While he isn’t the first billionaire to step into a media-adjace... Might be the longest weekend in #Oakland Twitter users included in the custom timeline test will get a prompt on the web to pin the timeline next to their home timeline. Twitter is testing a new feature that will show use...Current timeline on HT: #oakmtg #HowardTerminal — newballpark (@newballpark) July 20, 2021 We would like to show you a description here[“@pau1b_68 Read your first (bottom) tweet and cIn this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Su The A’s filed a lawsuit against the State of California, claiming that the State didn’t enforce 2018 environmental regulations meant to keep metal recycling facilities like Schnitzer Steel from accidentally starting fires. A website,, was set up by the A’s, along with a petition which has around 1,200 signees ...